miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

The Gutenberg Parenthesis

Escúchalo directametne a él, cuando tengas algún tiempo,
fuera de programa, o de trabajo final.
Thomas Pettitt on parallels between the pre-print era and our own Internet age
"Because the truth was that those bound books were probably no more truthful than the rumors you heard on the street, quite likely."

“We are approaching pre-Gutenberg, the medieval notion that ... things overlap. The Internet will make us less categorical in the way we perceive the world, make us less panicky, less worried about distinctions between human and divine, human and machine, human and animal, male and female, living and dead. It will make us less aggressive about transgressions of categories. The Internet will make us think like medieval peasants. There may be some healthy aspects to this.”

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